Friday, January 16, 2009


Questions people have asked:

Are these stories true?

Yes. And, no. These things actually happened. I have tried to be as true to my kids as possible. In some cases, I remember actual conversations, every word.

However, I don't remember every word of every conversation. In a lot of cases, I've condensed conversations that happened over years into shorter segments. I spent thousands of hours with these kids, and I remember more than could ever be put down here. Beyond that, it's been 15 years. I write this blog so slowly because I have to think about each post and revisit my memories to try and be as accurate as possible.

In the case of Wired for Sound, the victim in question WAS wired at the visitation and funeral. This case did happen, and the detectives in my unit actually used this as an investigative tool. However, I don't remember her name, she wasn't one of my clients, and I don't remember the actual outcome of the case. However, I have filled in the gaps with actual circumstances from funerals and homicides I do remember. Hope that makes sense.


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